01. Company Mission

Our mission is to provide customers with a sustainable supply chain for quality aftermarket products.

Our expertise is built on 20+ years' experience in air brake and vehicle control system components powered by innovation, smart design, and responsiveness to customers' enquiries. This allows our brand to provide the highest quality products and service to all our customers worldwide.

02. Product Planning

EBS pledges to invest in new projects annually and continue our search for new products to give our customers market advantage.

With continual investment our research & development teams drive to obtain market information in order to plan, design and approve concepts for future products. Working closely with our approved suppliers to bring a variety of new products to market every year.

03. Caliper Manufacturer

At EBS we have a team dedicated to manufacturing calipers to a high quality standard.

Further investment into a state of the art manufacturing facility, controlled by our team of onsite engineers and audited regularly, ensures paramount quality for the largest range of CV Brake calipers & associated components available to the aftermarket.


New facility

EBS expands opening a brand new 3500sq metre manufacturing and quality control centre in Trafford Park


Trade Portal

In 2017 EBS establishes its own on line order facility to enable its customers to enquire and place orders.


Warehouse Management System

In 2016 EBS implemented a WMS which helped to boost its productivity.


Assured Performance

EBS acquire in 2015 Assured Performance Blackburn, offering 40+ years of quality caliper remanufacturing in the UK.



EBS acquire AP Ireland, a leading specialist in the distribution of turbochargers for the commercial vehicle market.


Abal Engineering Ltd becomes less prominent in the market. With this EBS decided to merge Abal product portfolio and staff into the EBS operation. The result allowed the focus to be made onto ONLY one brand EBS and one product range Air brake systems and components.


Abal Engineering

To have access into the export market EBS acquire Abal Engineering Ltd, one of the UK leading distributors of commercial vehicle, truck trailer components. As well as the UK Abal also had a good reputation in many foreign markets throughout the world, these export areas included Central and Eastern Europe, Scandinavia, North, Central and South America, MEA, CIS and the Far East.



EBS was founded in Manchester UK. Using a skilled workforce on average of 30 years experience within the airbrake market, with the intention to independently distribute and specialise in air brake systems and components.

Why Choose EBS?

EBS carries an unrivalled onsite stock profile offering a fast, reliable and professional service with our UK distribution centre allowing first time pick availability of over 90%.
Through expansion, we stay ahead of the market. By improving our manufacturing processes, site facilities and investing into research and development allows us to continually learn about the growing global market for braking systems.


20 years of Market Leadership. Stability and reliability


One of three top market leaders


An effective major distributor in the market with sales network of national & international Standing.


You will get effective sales and marketing support.

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