Lean Manufacturing Operative (level 2 apprenticeship)


Requirements and Prospects

Knowledge of

  • The importance of following the specified assembly sequence and procedure at all times.
  • How to check the quality of the assembly, against the required quality standards and what tools and equipment are used.
  • The procedure for positioning, aligning, and securing component parts during the assembly operations.
  • Where to obtain the necessary job instructions, operating procedures, and assembly specifications that are used, and how to interpret them.
  • How to Identify and resolve current and potential production/assembly problems within the limits of their responsibility)

Desired skills

  • Check components for damage and that they are in a usable condition
  • Correctly position, align and secure the components
  • Secure the components in position using the specified fastening device/method
  • Obtain and follow the correct Job instructions/Standard operating procedures production/assembly specifications in accordance with time constraints and the roles and responsibilities identified for the production/assembly activity.
  • Produce components which comply with the specification and quality requirements.
  • Carryout quality checks on component parts and completed assemblies and deal with quality concerns and defects in line with their responsibility.

Core Behaviours Requirements

  • A Lean Manufacturing Operative requires the behaviours that will ensure they are:
  • Punctual, reliable and takes responsibility for their own actions.
  • Show respect for others, having regard for diversity and equality.
  • Respond positively to change in the working environment.
  • Integrates within the team and supports others.
  • Can work independently and effectively in challenging situations.
  • Maintains quality of work under pressure.
  • An open and honest communicator.
  • Listens to other people’s opinions.
  • A positive and respectful attitude
  • Follows instructions and guidance and demonstrates attention to detail.
  • Seeks opportunities to develop and adapt to different situations, environments or technologies.