Our Values

Our Values

Our Values are our DNA, the foundations of our identity, and they guide the behaviours of EBS employees. Having clear values not only gives us a strong sense of purpose, it help us to perform better and gives our customers an even greater service.

01. Green

We consider the environment in everything we do and we are committed to adopt greener practices in our business, reducing waste in the business and recycling products where we can to reduce our carbon footprint and develop our remanufacturing capabilities protecting our planet.

02. Quality

Ensuring the very highest standards of safety, durability and reliability in all our products. Making our products conform to the very best industry standards with cutting edge innovation and design.

03. Customer

Putting our customers first and at the heart of everything we do. Constantly striving to exceed our customers’ expectations and delivering the highest levels of customer service and satisfaction. Going the extra mile for our customers.

04. Integrity

Thinking carefully about the decisions we make and ensuring we act ethically at all times. Maintaining the very highest standards of personal conduct with our customers and colleagues. Being transparent, open and honest in all we do.

05. Ambition

Constantly striving to grow and expand the business. Seeking out new commercial opportunities across the globe. Developing new products and never standing still.

06. People

Treating our staff with respect and dignity. Providing a working environment where there is equality, opportunity and room for growth. Valuing our people for the contributions they make and listening to their views and opinions.